About Nicole Schoen

I’m a 2012 graduate from the University of Central Florida with a B.A. in journalism. This is a blog I created while I was a senior at UCF taking a Converged Journalism class. Through this class I now have basic skills and experience in creating multimedia journalism. I can take and edit photos in Adobe Photoshop, write basic html, create Soundslides and edit video and audio.  I’m interested in multimedia journalism because it offers something different from traditional print journalism. I’m always looking to learn how to do something new and exciting and I have a strong feeling this is a part of journalism that will not die anytime soon.

I’ve interned and freelanced at a community newspaper in Brandon, Fl called the Osprey Observer while I was in high school. My other internships include a summer at the at the Orlando Weekly before my senior year in college, and Golfweek during my last semester of college. I’ve also been a contributing writer and photographer for the student newspaper at UCF called the Central Florida Future during my entire time in college. The last semester of my senior year I became the Variety Editor of the CFF where I was in charge of the content for the arts and entertainment section of the paper.

After graduating I freelanced for FOCUS Magazine and The Messianic Times while looking for a more permanent job. In July 2013 I was hired as a Multimedia News Editor by the Osprey Observer where I currently work. In April 2014 I became the Layout Editor doing the design of the newspaper.

Check out my photography blog and my digital portfolio for some of my published and unpublished work.

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