Top Ten Banned/Challenged Books of 2010

Apparently there is a thing that exists called “Banned Books Week” which was from Sept 24-Oct 1 this year. During this

week  The Huffington Post created an interactive infographic to demonstrate the 10 most banned or challenged books of last year. It says there was a total of 348 attempts to remove material from a library. This is an interesting topic to me because I’ve always loved reading and remember discussing with teachers in high school why certain books should or should not be censored.

I think they created a really easy to use infographic. You can choose the way you want to receive information; you can view books by the reason people wanted to censor them or by book. It’s color coded so it’s easy to make correlations. I also like that if you click on the book it gives you a short excerpt of text from the book for you to see for yourself the type of material printed in the books that are in question. The only piece of information I wish I had gotten from this infographic is how many people wanted to ban which books in particular. I don’t know if they didn’t have access to that information or what but adding that information would definitely add positively to the graphic.

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