The Power of Music

  I found this video on a blog called Multimedia Shooter. This is a short story about a veteran, Jack Leroy Tueller, and an experience he had two weeks after D-Day during World War II. He explains how playing his trumpet touched the heart of an enemy. It’s really a heartwarming story that shows the human side of war.

I think the video is done perfectly. It’s short, sweet and to the point. It’s full of emotion; there are some great close ups on the eyes which really conveys emotion strongly. It’s narrated by Jack which is fine because it’s his story to tell and he does a great job.  The camera angles used vary from close-ups on all the decorations on his uniform to side views of him playing the trumpet, but the camera stays on Jack the whole time and you don’t get bored.  I love that you actually hear the song that he played that night many years ago and you can understand how that could make someone feel. I wish there were more war stories out there like this one.

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