Play Me, I’m Yours

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this video on Time magazine’s website because it made my day. This is a really neat video capturing the artist Luke Jerram’s project in New York City. This guy placed 60 pianos that say “Play Me, I’m Yours” throughout New York City this past summer as part of a public art project.

I thought this video was done very well. The audio was clear and the interviews were compelling with interesting subjects. I like that they overlay text at the beginning of the video to explain what you’re seeing. I only wish they had expanded on the text that said “So far, 167 pianos have appeared in eight different cities worldwide”. I’d like to know if that was the doing of the artist or if this project has taken on a life of its own. I love that they show people from all walks of life enjoying the public art and the human interaction it has caused in the city. The interview with the author lets you know where his idea came from and how he was trying to create more interaction between people who are in the same area on a daily basis but ignore each other. I like that they overlay text to tell you where the certain pianos that you are seeing are located in the city. This project has a lot of different emotions in it and it warmed my heart.

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