Lego Technic Test Track

I found this piece of multimedia journalism on The Lakeland Ledger’s website where I was doing some research for the  internship fair on Monday. I haven’t been to Legoland yet and wanted to check out what they did with the old Cypress Gardens which is what drew me to this video.

This is a different approach to video journalism; it’s almost broadcast in nature. It’s a behind the scenes sort of piece where you get to see the reporter ride this new roller coaster at the park. While you don’t get to experience the coaster (they don’t strap the camera to the ride) you do get to see what the ride is like without actually being at the park. The video shows the track and the progression of the ride which is exactly what I want to see. The reporter also gives you a comparison to other coasters and sums up the ride in layman terms which is awesome. The audio and video quality is a little on the poor side but it’s raw and I like what they did with what they had. My main critique is the last thing the report says doesn’t really make sense and made me laugh. He says, “I really enjoyed it and you are too.” I think he means “you will too” but it’s just funny to see other reporters as humans who make mistakes sometimes too.


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