Overpriced Wine

This piece of multimedia journalism combines two of my loves: video games and wine. This short report is about Kenzo Tsujimoto who is the CEO of Japan’s Capcom who created games like Street Fighter that I still enjoy playing on my Super Nintendo. The report is about how Tsujimoto is trying his hand in the wine growing game now. He’s starting out charging $80 and up for his wines. Now i’ve never tried his wines but just from a consumer point of view I think that’s a little high of a price to begin trying to sell wine for. I think it’s interesting that most of his product is exported to Japan.

I think the video was visually interesting. I like that they start the video by entering the vineyard. The reporter begins with narration, well the whole video is narrated, but I think it’s kind of necessary. Tsujimoto needs a translator to be understood so having his voice as the main source of information would have made things confusing. The video shows the action on the vineyard of the workers harvesting the grapes. They use an extended shot while they are driving in the car and while there is no action it gives you a good perspective of how large the vineyard is.

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