Highest Earning Women Qualities

I came across this info graphic on the Huffington Post’s website that gives information about the qualities that some of the highest earning women have. I’m guessing they are talking strictly about women in the United States even though they don’t specify. The info graphic is interesting; i’ve never seen one like this before. There are a bunch of different pictures representing a different quality of the highest earning women. When you scroll over the picture a bubble of information pops up and explains the quality and gives some additional information. The info graphic attributes their source of information to LearnVest.com but i’m guessing they used their own software to create the info graphic.

Besides being intrigued by the info graphic, as a woman I was very interested in the information it displayed. If you think about it, the list of qualities of the highest earning women is another way to create an ideal of the perfect business woman. I personally believe it is wrong for a woman who has blonde hair or who is considered “very thin” to be paid more. It makes you wonder why that is and what you can do to change the stereotypes. It doesn’t make sense to me how some of these qualities make a woman a better worker.

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