Pumpkin Obscura

I was checking the news on npr.org and found an interesting video on how to turn a pumpkin a camera. The video runs with an article explaining basically everything they do in the video. They made a pinhole camera which uses similar technology as a camera obscura. After they carved the pumpkin they cut out a square for the camera and made it lightproof by spray painting it black. The covered the square with tin foil, poked a tiny hole with a push pin, and covered it again with tin foil for a shutter and put some photo paper inside the pumpkin. Now this part I know is hard to show viewers how to do because it has to be done in a darkroom but I think ruining one for the sake of  showing people how to do it properly would have been effective. I know I was left wondering where exactly in the pumpkin I was supposed to put the photo paper and I probably would have screwed it up if I tried it myself.

Overall I thought the video was well done. They used narration over video of them going through the steps. They also used captions of some of the steps and some music to make it fun. I like the way the cataloged the items you need for the project at the beginning of the video by showing you exactly what they used. At one point they explain the technology behind it and even have animation they made to go with it. I wish they would have explained in the video that for this project to work you need a film camera. I didn’t realized they were using a film camera until they talked about the photo paper.

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