Vespa Wine Tour of Collio, Italy

I found this little piece of multimedia journalism by google searching: multimedia journalism wine. This is a piece done by the New York Times called A Wine Tour of Collio, by Vespa. This piece of multimedia journalism went with a full length feature article detailing the same trip but gave the article a visual aspect because sometimes you can’t always explain something as well as a picture does.

The slideshow is done from a first person point of view of a couple touring Collio, Italy by Vespa and foot. The pictures in the slideshow are great. There are lots of different perspectives of the people, places and wine itself. The cutlines underneath each picture gave additional information needed to help explain the pictures, but I wish a few of the cutlines were a little more complete in their descriptions. I really liked the map next to the slideshow that changed with each slide showing where exactly the couple was in their journey. It’s simple to understand and gives great perspective. I think that overall the piece was done well and would definitely interest someone reading the article to check out the related media.

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  1. We love Italy and Vespas… Vrooom Vrooooom

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