Orphan Elephants

I was drawn to this piece of multimedia journalism from an article I read in my National Geographic magazine this month. It is a story about a program in Kenya that rescues orphan elephants and raises them until they are old enough to be released into the wild. It was a touching story to read and the pictures that went with the story were phenomenal so of course I was curious to see the video on National Geographic’s website.

I thought the video was done well. They used words to describe parts of the video and they had the voices of some of the men who work at the rehabilitation center run over the video. To me the video is what told the story that I hadn’t already read. I got to see the men playing with the elephants, feeding them, and sleeping with them. It was the interaction between the elephants and the men that made the video moving; the elephants reminded me of humans. I feel like the video would have needed more narration if the viewer had no previous knowledge from the article in the magazine, but that it was also strong enough to stand alone. The background information isn’t important if all you’re looking for is some adorable baby elephants.

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